About firstsecondlabel

First Second are a Label dedicated to promoting the young and up-coming Irish dance scene. We are here to represent the best techno, house, bass, glitch, dub-step, disco and other such genres in the Irish Dance scene.


Chris Hanna, who previously dropped the “Novel” EP in February, is back with the Flash EP. It consists of two tracks, the original “Flash” and a remix by Wodorfski. The original is a booming house track, with a simple three-note phrase that drifts atop an acid bassline and a humanist speech on existence and societal collaboration.

Wodorfski contributes a more thoughtful refix that takes things down a few BPM and drops the vocal, but keeps the warmth of the original’s chopped synth.

FS012 – Lumigraph/Sweet D EP out now!!!

We have finally released our 12th EP and 13th release
into the stream of ever growing Dublin production.
The EP is a split EP by two new Dublin based hopefuls by the name of Lumigraph and Sweet D.
The two artists on this piece release 4 of there own productions each.
The EP itself is a true travel in sound spreading from bass, house, acid, techno and more.
It has already gained much attention from the likes of NTS, Rinse FM and amazingly enough the people who bring you the Bolier Room.
So without saying much more check it out for yourself:

Upcoming First Second Label Parties!

Hey everyone.

We are just popping in to let you know what the happenings are at the Label.
We celebrate the release of FS012 this coming Saturday in U bar. And we STRONGLY suggest you be there as we will be banging it out in there basement from 7pm also including a live set from Ickis Mirolo.

If you have not yet heard the amazing previews of the upcoming release here you are:

Secondly we will be doing a label showcase Saturday May 12th at The Twisted Pepper which promises to be a big night also in the venue on the night is a personal favorite, Marcel Fengler in the basement presented by the genius’ at Subject.
Here’s the poster for that gig:

The Blog Returns: FS011 OUT NOW & FS012 PREVIEW

Ok so we are back on the move!

We have all been fairly busy of late attending to our own individual projects but we are back and with not only an EP out but we have FS012 out at the end of this month.

First Up.
Jon Hayde aka Teishi-1 returns with his 2nd offering on our label and our 11th offering to you. The Koi EP features two original tracks by the man himself and ground breaking remix from the genius that is Lemonada. You can download the entire piece here:


FS012 is on its way and it is going to be a right doozey!
The EP will feature tracks from Sweet D & Lumigraph.
Our two newest artists behind our ever growing roster of talent.
Here are some previews of the upcoming EP:
Lumigraph – Chicago Wind

Sweet D – Blend

Lumigraph – Tewf

This is literally going to blow minds and I can’t wait for these two talented artists to get some serious recognition around the scene.



From Newbridge in Kildare, Peter Fleming seems to be one of the many amazingly fast growing artists coming out of that area(others include Mmoths & Two Charming Men).

Kaleid is quickly making a huge name around the Dublin City area with his ever growing radio appearance’s and his solid residency at Decoy with supports under him from the likes of Koreless, Arkist, Disclosure and many many more.
So with that said we are very happy to release our tenth ep with Kaleid making it that much more of a landmark.
Check it out and download here for free now:

Expect to hear alot more from Kaleid very soon coming from this direction.